Thursday, June 7, 2007

Work on Honbu almost done!

The work on Honbu dojo is almost complete, with both the inside and outside of the dojo painted and, just this weekend past, the majority of the floor being installed. Kancho Nenad, Tania, Peter Lawrence and a host of volunteers worked tirelessly, often into the wee hours to produce what can only be described as a very professional result.
Many thanks to all those who put in such a tremendous effort in helping. It was well worth it, as I'm sure you'll agree.

If the strength of a dojo is measured by the spirit of its members, then our dojo is strong indeed.
The adjacent pictures detail some of the work that took place on the floor over the last week. I will delay posting pictures of the finished floor until the few remaining touches are completed.

Once again, well done to all and let us now put our efforts into soaking some sweat into this new floor!
See you at training!
Shihan Dan

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