Friday, November 23, 2007

Last lesson at Nedlands!

21 November 2007 marked the end of an era with the last ever lesson held at the Nedlands branch of the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts.

The final lesson saw a capacity attendance and a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere. It was gratifying to see many of the students who have trained at the Academy throughout its history turning up to honour the floor that has hosted so many spirited and vigorous training sessions. (Click here for more photos.)

As Shihan Dan said on the night, every ending heralds a new beginning and so the Academy looks forward to consolidating its teaching at its new centre in Bayswater. Kancho and Shihan wish to thank everyone who helped make the Nedlands branch a success for so many years and hope to see everyone at the grand opening of the Bayswater centre (date to be announced soon).

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