Friday, November 23, 2007

Last lesson at Nedlands!

21 November 2007 marked the end of an era with the last ever lesson held at the Nedlands branch of the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts.

The final lesson saw a capacity attendance and a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere. It was gratifying to see many of the students who have trained at the Academy throughout its history turning up to honour the floor that has hosted so many spirited and vigorous training sessions. (Click here for more photos.)

As Shihan Dan said on the night, every ending heralds a new beginning and so the Academy looks forward to consolidating its teaching at its new centre in Bayswater. Kancho and Shihan wish to thank everyone who helped make the Nedlands branch a success for so many years and hope to see everyone at the grand opening of the Bayswater centre (date to be announced soon).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

End of an era and new beginnings

Sensei Tim, our Nedlands instructor is off to Melbourne to live and study for a year. Many of you will be aware that this has necessitated the closure of the Nedlands dojo after more than 22 continuous years of operation.

The final lesson at Nedlands is scheduled at the JC Smith Pavilion at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 21 November 2007. All students of the Academy, past and present, are invited to attend the lesson to honour, and say a special farewell to, a floor that has soaked up generations of sweat and spirit.

The Nedlands dojo will be sadly missed, however we will now be able to focus on our full-time facility in Bayswater. In other words, the end of one era marks the beginning of another. We will shortly be announcing the long-overdue official opening ceremony of the recently completed Honbu dojo.

This is a very important event and we dearly hope to see you ALL at the final Nedlands lesson: I'm sure it will mean as much to many of you as it does to me. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated

Shihan Dan

Yudansha grading results - new Sensei!

On 10 November we held a yudansha grading as a follow up to the recent promotion course.

We are pleased to announce that Tim Brown was awarded his Nidan 1st level and the title Sensei.

Jed Handmer and Trevor Aungthan were awarded Shodan 2nd level with a regrade in 2 months for Nidan. They achieved their strong result despite the (very) impromptu nature of the grading (they were only asked to take part on the morning of the grading), and we look forward to watching their progress in the future.

Congratulations also to Dave Ryan who completed his syllabus component for Green 1.