Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jeff's and Scott's grading

We are proud to announce that on Saturday 28 March 2009, after a gruelling test, Jeff Cosgrove graded to Sandan (3rd dan) 1st level, while Scott Ponton graded to Shodan (1st dan) second level (one level below Nidan or second dan).

As we stated at on the day, the performances were outstanding and we look forward to seeing both Jeff and Scott work on the foundation they have built to develop their skills to much higher levels in the near future. Both of them showed significant advancement to their next levels.

So may they not pause too long to reflect on their achievements, but press on to towards the future!

Well done Jeff and Scott - you have made us proud.

A special mention should be made that Jeff now has the title "Sensei" or "teacher". Jeff is only the 5th student of the Academy to achieve this title. "Sensei" can be translated as "one who has walked the path before you". In Jeff's case this is amply true; he has been a student of ours (on and off) since 1987 and we have seen a lot of water go under the bridge together. His wealth of experience, high level of technical skill, indomitable fighting spirit and physical condition mean that this title has never been more apt. The more junior students of the Academy would be wise to listen to his counsel, accept his correction and follow his example.

Scott, we look forward to according this title to you in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work!

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