Friday, May 29, 2009

Dan interviews Colin Wee on SportFM!

Shihan Dan interviewed a long-time friend of the Academy, senior traditional taekwondo instructor Colin Wee (5th Dan) on SportFM 91.3 on Sunday 24 May 2009.

The interview covered Colin's training history and a discussion of his art of taekwondo (a more traditional approach taught to him in the United States by students of the legendary Jhoon Rhee).

I've lifted this quote from Colin's website:
    "This is Taekwondo from the 1950s looked at with a contemporary understanding of the martial arts. Traditional Taekwondo is heavily influenced by other traditional Japanese arts, and is made accessible to the modern practitioner.

    Today, a century after Japanese practitioners started donning white uniforms, Traditional Taekwondo has a compelling story to be told, and still has a captivating training program. People still want to ‘gain confidence,’ learn ‘self defence,’ and ‘get fit.’ There is this magic surrounding the martial arts – it draws us to its secrets. It calls us to take the techniques – and make it our own."
You can download the podcast here.

Shihan Dan hopes to have Colin on air again in June for Part 2!

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