Friday, January 16, 2009

Shihan Dan leaves for Taiwan

Shihan Dan has just left for Taiwan where he is going to attend intensive training with Master Chen Yun-Ching, son and heir of the late Chen Pan-Ling. While he is there he is also to be accepted as a "bai shi" or inner circle student. For more information go to the earlier post here.

The training will take place in Kaohsiung, a major port city on the southwestern corner of the island.

While he is there Dan will cover the Chen Pan-Ling internal arts systems of xingyiquan, baguazhang and taijiquan as well as the formerly secret family system of fengquan (mountain top boxing - a combination form of the three internal arts and Shaolin techniques).

Completely "new" material will include the second of the fengquan forms, and the suba linking form and the "kun" or staff form of xingyiquan. Each session will include a push-hands sensitivity/sparring component.

We wish Dan well and look forward to having him bring back this knowledge.